BRANCHES invites submission of essays, artwork, poetry, and photographs. Submissions must be written or created by Hoosiers or feature topics directly related to life in Indiana.  Send essays, artwork, and/or calendar items to the editor.

Please note:

  • Essays are typically 600 to 1,200 words. Poetry may be any length. You retain all rights.
  • Fiction is rarely accepted for publication. Exceptions may be made for contemporary allegory.
  • Art and photos should be submitted for consideration as low-resolution thumbnails or links to images online. You retain all rights.
  • Submissions must be sent electronically. Paste your submission into the body of a message or attach it as a Word file. If your text or image file is larger than 10MB, please contact the editor for additional instructions. Please tell  us your name, street address, and telephone number, not for publication but only for our records. Please provide a short (one or two sentences) biography for publication that includes the city or county where you reside. Include your email and/or web address if you want to. All submissions are acknowledged by email.
  • Submissions are reviewed and selected for publication approximately two weeks after the deadline. Essays selected for publication are professionally edited. Images selected for publication are digitally optimized for reproduction.
  • There is no charge for calendar listings.

BRANCHES does not offer compensation for published work, other than excellent exposure. You may include your phone number, email address, or website so that readers can contact you.

BRANCHES does not publish reviews, press releases, testimonials, publicity, or third-party submissions. We publish original ideas, and encourage readers to decide things for themselves.

BRANCHES does not offer quid pro quo arrangements: No one ever receives editorial space in exchange for buying an ad. We practice traditional journalistic ethics here. We keep our editorial content separate from the advertisements so that you can be sure of the integrity of what you’re reading.

We are grateful to the many talented writers, poets, and artists who contribute to this magazine, and also to all the advertisers, without whose support there would be no BRANCHES, now in its 30th year of continuous publication. Thank you!