Peace Studies Programs in Indiana


Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (Elkhart)
M.A. in Peace Studies
The purpose of the Master of Arts: Peace Studies (MAPS) program is to provide the environment for a deepening understanding of and commitment to the biblical vision of peace and justice and its embodiment in the world.

Bethany Theological Seminary Graduate School of Theology (Richmond)
M.A. or M.Div. in Religion with concentration in Peace & Justice
(with Earlham School of Religion)
In 1971, Bethany Theological Seminary became one of the first academic institutions to offer peace studies at the graduate level. The program is grounded within the life of faith community that has been a historic witness to peace.

Earlham School of Religion (Richmond)
M.Div/M.Min or M.A. in Religion with concentration in Peace & Justice
(with Bethany Theological Seminary)
This long-established program has a goal to make the world more peaceful at every level — a world in which there is respect for the dignity of human life and where nonviolent means are increasingly used in the resolution of conflict. 

University of Notre Dame (South Bend)
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
M.A. in Peace Studies
Ph.D. in Peace Studies
The Kroc Institute’s graduate degrees prepare students for careers around the world in public policy, political change, organizational management, and conflict analysis and transformation.


DePauw University (Greencastle)
B.A. in Conflict Studies (interdisciplinary)
Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary major that examines conflict from a variety of theoretical and philosophical perspectives. Additionally, courses in this major allow students to consider the practical, realistic dynamics of managing or resolving conflict.

Earlham College (Richmond)
B.A. in Peace and Global Studies
Students explore strategies for constructing a just and peaceful world through the study of violence in all its forms, including war, poverty, racism, sexism and colonialism; nonviolent initiatives for social change and peace building; and conflict resolution and conflict transformation.

Goshen College (Goshen)
B.A. in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies
(with concentration in community and organization conflict or in peace and justice)
The goal of the Peace Studies major is to move students’ vision of peace beyond war so they understand violence issues in daily life.

Manchester College (North Manchester)
Peace Studies Institute
B.A. in Conflict Resolution
Established in 1948, Manchester College has the distinction of being home to the nation’s first peace studies program.

University of Notre Dame (South Bend)
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Supplementary major or interdisciplinary minor in Peace Studies
Peace studies undergraduates conduct research, organize and run their own peace conference every year, and are active in peace-building projects on campus and worldwide.


Ball State University (Muncie)
Center for Peace & Conflict Studies
Minor in Peace Studies
The interdisciplinary peace studies and conflict resolution minor addresses the sources of war and oppression and the challenges of promoting cooperative relationships and social justice on international, domestic, and personal levels.

DePauw University (Greencastle)
Minor in Conflict Studies (interdisciplinary)
Because of the ubiquity and significance of conflict in human life, the study of its process and resolution is increasingly claiming a central place in the study of development in general and peaceful change in particular.

Goshen College (Goshen)
Minor in conflict transformation studies
Minor in peace and justice studies
Certificate in Conflict Transformation for Teachers
The Peace Studies minor supports students completing professional programs in nursing, social work, and education.

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies
Students study conflict resolution and issues of war, sexism, racism and poverty, and nonviolent initiatives for social change.

Manchester College (North Manchester)
Peace Studies Institute
Minor in Conflict Resolution

Marian College (Indianapolis)
Minor in Social Justice
Students study American social policy, legislation and philosophy to develop motivation for the resolution of economic, political, and social injustice.

Purdue University (West Lafayette)
Minor in Peace Studies (interdisciplinary)
The Committee on Peace Studies also offers an annual symposium on peace as well as various guest speakers and an annual video series on topics related to the study of peace.

Valparaiso University
Minor in Peace & Social Justice Studies (interdisciplinary)
Students focus on social responsibility by examining nonviolent means of conflict resolution.


Fort Wayne Center for Nonviolence
Founded in 1981 as “Men for Nonviolence,” the Center works to end domestic and other forms of violence in Allen County through programs and outreach based on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Separate sessions for men, women, children and the LGBT community are provided in English and Spanish.

Peace Learning Center (Indianapolis)
Peace Learning Center of Indianapolis educates, inspires and empowers people to live peacefully with the goal of promoting healthy learning, workplace and community environments. Through a wide range of programs, PLC establishes safe and common ways to address differences and promotes processes to help build community and healthy communication for youth, parents and professionals.

Take Ten (South Bend)
Robinson Community Learning Center
Take Ten’s mission is to reduce and prevent violence and teach children positive alternatives to it through a special curriculum designed for schools.